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November 04, 2014
CX5100 Embedded PC series: fanless, compact controllers with optimum scalability via single, dual, or quad-core Atom™ CPUs
New Multi-core Embedded PCs from Beckhoff Target Medium Performance Range

SAVAGE, Minnesota, November 4, 2014 – Delivering multi-core technology to the medium-performance range of Embedded PC controllers, Beckhoff Automation’s new CX5100 series features the latest Intel® Atom™ CPUs. The 22-nm technology found with these Atom™ processors results in higher performance while maintaining the same exceptional thermal balance and extended operating temperature range. All devices from the CX5100 Embedded PC series are fanless, characterized by low heat dissipation, low power consumption, and a compact, yet durable metal housing.

The DIN rail-mountable CX5100 controllers use processors of the latest Intel® Atom™ generation (‘Bay Trail’), and are offered in three different processor and housing sizes:

  • CX5120: Intel® Atom™ CPU, 1.46 GHz, single-core
  • CX5130: Intel® Atom™ CPU, 1.75 GHz, dual-core
  • CX5140: Intel® Atom™ CPU, 1.91 GHz, quad-core


The new CX5100 devices supplement the existing CX5010 and CX5020 series of devices, the latter based on first generation Intel® Atom™ processors.

When compared to CX50x0 devices, the CPUs in the CX5100 series offer significantly higher performance via out-of-order command execution. This means that users who have also implemented the TwinCAT 3 automation software suite can now benefit from the full availability of multi-core processors and the optimized distribution of different program tasks to individual cores, even with Intel® Atom™-based devices.

The basic interface equipment corresponds to that of the popular CX5000 devices: automatic recognition of K-Bus I/O or EtherCAT Terminals, two independent Gigabit-capable Ethernet interfaces, four USB 2.0 ports, a DVI-I interface and a “multi-option” interface that can be equipped to support a great variety of fieldbus systems. The extended operating temperature range from -25 to +60 °C enables the CX5100 Embedded PCs to be used in environmentally demanding applications.

The new CX5100 controllers balance both price and performance by offering a mid-level Embedded PC option between the devices from the CX5000 series and the modular, top-of-the-line CX2000 series.

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  • <p>With the introduction of the CX5100 Embedded PC series, Beckhoff has made multi-core technology available in medium performance class controllers.</p>

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    With the introduction of the CX5100 Embedded PC series, Beckhoff has made multi-core technology available in medium performance class controllers.


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