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October 08, 2014
Beckhoff Automation Promotes Industry 4.0 to the Packaging Industry at Pack Expo 2014

SAVAGE, Minnesota, October 8, 2014 – Continuing support of the Industry 4.0 movement, Beckhoff Automation will demonstrate leading-edge packaging automation concepts at the Pack Expo trade show, November 2 – 5, 2014 in Chicago’s McCormick Place. Beckhoff’s PC-based control technology represents a feature-filled toolbox to implement Industry 4.0 automation solutions in packaging applications. These include the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, highly-centralized packaging automation systems, and ever-more connected devices via open technologies such as EtherCAT and OPC UA.

As a set of flexible tools and a framework to implement such big ideas in the packaging industry, PC-based control technology has become the leading standard to turn visionary Industry 4.0 concepts into profitable ‘smart factories’. In booth N-4740 (North Hall), Beckhoff will exhibit a range of innovative packaging solutions, including a demo that highlights the use of Google Glass™ in packaging automation, all-in-one robot and machine control, and open OPC UA connectivity solutions with built-in data security.

Industry 4.0 meets Google Glass™ in the Beckhoff and Matrix Packaging Machinery booths

Beckhoff is featuring a Google Glass™ technology study at Pack Expo 2014. In a demo collaboration with a customer, Beckhoff and Matrix Packaging Machinery (part of the Pro Mach Group of companies, booth N-5321) will connect Google Glass™ to a vertical form / fill / seal machine in the Matrix booth. This illustrates the openness of Beckhoff PC-based control hardware and TwinCAT automation software.

These exciting demos highlight Google Glass™ as an enabling concept for packaging machine operation in an Industry 4.0 framework. The ‘augmented reality glasses,’ primarily developed for the consumer market, integrate a heads-up display for information as well as a digital camera among numerous other features. As demonstrated by Beckhoff and Matrix Packaging Machinery, Google Glass™ can also be used in industrial environments as a ‘wearable HMI’ for packaging machine operation and plant production observation.

New CX5100 expands Beckhoff family of Embedded PCs with multi-core processors

Pack Expo 2014 will feature the North American debut of the new CX5100 Embedded PC series from Beckhoff. Via the introduction of the latest Intel® Atom™ CPUs (Bay Trail), multi-core technology is now even more scalable with CX controllers in the medium performance class. The 22-nm technology of the new Atom™ processors results in higher performance while still maintaining the same excellent thermal reduction characteristics. All devices from the CX5100 series are fanless, characterized by low power consumption and a compact, durable metal housing. The CX5100 controllers are available with a choice of three processors: 1.46 GHz (single-core), 1.75 GHz (dual-core) and 1.91 GHz (quad-core). As with all Beckhoff PC-based controllers, the CX5100 Embedded PCs can be used as an OPC UA client or server.

Servo system with One Cable Technology for the smallest packaging machine footprints

An additional highlight from Beckhoff at Pack Expo 2014 will be the introduction of an expanded selection of small servomotors. The new AM811x and AM801x servomotors feature a scalable output of 50 to 250 W, absolute encoders with 15 bit resolution, and One Cable Technology for space-constrained applications. Three overall lengths and an optional backlash-free permanent magnet holding brake make these motion control components ideal for many of the most demanding installations. In combination with the ultra-compact EL72xx servo terminals, packaging machine builders have more options than ever to implement inexpensive, yet robust, servo systems. The new EL7211 extends the product range of these servo drives, boasting performance up to 4 A RMS at 50 V DC.

Robust stainless steel automation solutions in food-grade designs

Beckhoff offers a complete stainless steel control solution in food-grade design for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The stainless-steel Control Panel displays and Panel PCs with gap-free housing designs and flush-fitting touchscreens are available in the following display sizes: 12, 15 or 19 inches. The washdown-resistant stainless-steel servomotors in the AM8800 series are designed for standstill torques from 1 to 16.7 nm. In addition, the stainless steel I/O modules with EtherCAT interfaces are also washdown-friendly, offering IP 69K protection, covering a broad range of applications for all common signal types.

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  • <p>Beckhoff Automation will demonstrate leading-edge Industry 4.0 solutions at Pack Expo 2014 in Chicago.</p>

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    Beckhoff Automation will demonstrate leading-edge Industry 4.0 solutions at Pack Expo 2014 in Chicago.

  • <p>Pack Expo 2014 will feature the North American debut of the new CX5100 Embedded PC series from Beckhoff.</p>

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    Pack Expo 2014 will feature the North American debut of the new CX5100 Embedded PC series from Beckhoff.


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