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September 28, 2016
New office in Plano, Texas to provide local sales, service and support to Beckhoff customers throughout southern U.S.
Beckhoff USA Strengthens Sales Network with New South Region Headquarters

SAVAGE, Minnesota, September 28, 2016 – Hot on the heels of continued rapid growth in automation sales in the southern U.S., Beckhoff Automation has opened a regional sales and support office in Plano, Texas. A significant move in expanding local customer service capabilities, this new 2,600 square-foot office will provide high-level sales and engineering expertise, particularly for customers in the south-central United States.

The eighth such regional facility in the U.S., the Plano facility includes sales offices, engineering labs and training facilities. Customers throughout the area now enjoy the convenience of attending more local training sessions focused on Beckhoff hardware and software solutions, as well as various areas of programming such as PLC, motion control, safety technology, IoT connectivity and more. “This new regional office in Plano is the latest investment by Beckhoff in North America to intensify our local presence for customers,” explains Aurelio Banda, CEO and President, Beckhoff Automation. “We are also opening a new office in the Cincinnati area, with additional offices and expansions for Beckhoff Canada and Beckhoff Mexico to follow shortly, further enhancing our local footprint in North America.”

“The new Plano facility fills a growing need for more local training and support in the southern U.S.,” adds Joe Martin, Regional Manager, South Region at Beckhoff Automation. “Whether supporting oil and gas applications, manufacturing, machine builders or other industrial applications, this region offers outstanding opportunities for expanded customer outreach and improved local support for their operations. PC- and EtherCAT-based control solutions have seen impressive growth in many industries, given the inherent flexibility and high performance. Increasing our local, customer-facing presence in this way demonstrates Beckhoff’s commitment to serving these industries. It also provides significant advantages to customers in the region and an avenue to get more powerful automation solutions into the hands of innovative American companies.”

Beckhoff Automation has numerous regional offices across North America: the Savage, Minn. North American headquarters (Minneapolis area) as well as in Mechanicsburg, PA; Charlotte, NC; Woodridge, Ill. (Chicago area); San Jose, Calif.; Mill Creek, Wash. (Seattle area); and Mississauga, Ontario (Toronto area).

Contact information for the new Beckhoff Automation South Region Headquarters office:

Beckhoff Automation LLC

South Region Sales and Training Center
South Region Sales Office and Training Center
5550 Granite Pkwy
Suite 235
Plano, TX 75024

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  • Exterior photo of the new south region headquarters office of Beckhoff North America, located in Plano, Texas

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    Exterior photo of the new south region headquarters office of Beckhoff North America, located in Plano, Texas


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