Beckhoff Press Releases
Date Theme Press Releases
14.03.2017 Technology New BACnet MS/TP interface for connecting up to 64 BACnet field devices
14.03.2017 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at ISH: Easy Engineering – Easily and securely into the cloud with Beckhoff IoT.
07.02.2017 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at ISE: System-integrated – PC-based control combines media and building control on a single platform
22.11.2016 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff presskit for SPS IPC Drives 2016
22.11.2016 Technology TwinCAT 3: Real-time-capable data communication with OPC UA Pub/Sub UDP
22.11.2016 Technology Embedded PCs: Performance leap with 12 processor cores on DIN rail
22.11.2016 Technology C6015 Industrial PC: extremely compact and universally applied
14.10.2016 Technology EtherCAT measurement technology modules – extremely accurate, fast and robust.
07.10.2016 Technology Compact drive technology – space-saving, system-integrated and safe
30.08.2016 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at SMM: Beckhoff and Danfoss supply HVAC solution for the "cruise cabin of the future"
14.07.2016 Technology IP 67 I/Os for EtherCAT P: Minimised cable and assembly costs at the field level
25.04.2016 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff presskit for Hannover Messe 2016
25.04.2016 Technology New Beckhoff "Azure™ Certified" I/O modules provide direct connectivity to the Microsoft cloud
25.04.2016 Technology EL3751 multi-function terminal: High-end measurement technology in the standard I/O system
25.04.2016 Technology EK9160 IoT Bus Coupler for cloud-based control
25.04.2016 Technology CX8190 Embedded PC: More computing power for small controllers
25.04.2016 Technology EtherCAT plug-in modules provide compact drive technology: Efficient I/O and motion solutions for high-volume applications
25.04.2016 Economy Successful 2015 financial year: Beckhoff Automation increases sales by 22 % to 620 million euros
06.04.2016 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Prolight + Sound: Open Control Architecture integration for seamless communication with professional audio systems
01.04.2016 Technology Beckhoff opens technology centre in "Silicon Valley"
24.03.2016 Technology Hannover Messe 2016: Beckhoff presents at SAP booth global standards for the smart factory
22.03.2016 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Hannover Messe: Experience ‘Integrated Industry’ now – With ready-to-use products for IoT and Industrie 4.0 from Beckhoff.
13.03.2016 Technology Beckhoff at Light + Building: Individually configured and simply installed – the eXtendable Room Box.
09.03.2016 Technology TwinCAT 3 Scope – multi-core oscilloscope for "big data"
09.02.2016 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at ISE Integrated Systems Europe: Open Control Architecture integration for seamless communication with audio systems
24.11.2015 Technology Industry 4.0, Software: TwinCAT Analytics – Seamless recording and analysis of process and production data
24.11.2015 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff presskit for SPS IPC Drives 2015
24.11.2015 Technology Cloud, IoT, Industry 4.0: TwinCAT IoT – The fast, standardised route into the cloud
24.11.2015 Technology Automation, Industrial Ethernet, I/O: EtherCAT P – Ultra-fast communication and power in one cable
24.11.2015 Technology Industrial PC: The new price/performance class for PC-based control technology
24.11.2015 Technology HMI: Simple, open and HTML5-based – TwinCAT HMI
07.10.2015 Tradeshow/Event EMO Milano 2015: Flexible CNC solutions scale from compact to high-end, extend to the Cloud
31.08.2015 Technology Industrial PC: C6915 control cabinet PC – Quad-core processor power in the smallest spaces
12.08.2015 Technology I/O system: EP9300 EtherCAT Box – Machine-mountable EtherCAT Box I/O from Beckhoff also offers considerable benefits for PROFINET applications
04.08.2015 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Husum Wind: Première – Easy engineering with TwinCAT Wind
28.07.2015 Technology Industrial PC: Multi-touch HMI range expanded with 11.6-inch widescreen panel
15.06.2015 Technology Beckhoff at Achema: I/O plug-in modules for signal distribution boards prevent incorrect wiring and save installation space
13.04.2015 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Hannover Messe 2014
13.04.2015 Technology Many-core control with TwinCAT 3: Easily distribute numerous complex functions in a control system with up to 256 processor cores
13.04.2015 Technology I/O systems with extended product specifications suit demanding applications: Standard I/O components from Beckhoff provide increased load capacity in extreme environments
13.04.2015 Technology Industrial PC: PC power and multi-touch functionality without compromise in a fanless, “built-in” device
08.04.2015 Economy Beckhoff Automation surpasses 500 million euro mark with 17 % increase in turnover
27.03.2015 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Ligna: A competitive edge for the furniture industry – Industry 4.0 with PC-based control from Beckhoff
18.03.2015 Technology IP 67 I/O modules: portfolio expanded with IO-Link devices
10.03.2015 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at ISH: Panel PC controls smart NovoCon™ actuators from Danfoss
20.02.2015 Technology Industrial PC: CP37xx mounting arm Panel PC – Compact multi-touch Panel PCs with IP 65 rating feature advanced Atom™ multi-core processors
03.02.2015 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Hannover Messe: Many-core control with Beckhoff C6670 industrial server powers Industry 4.0
18.12.2014 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at E-world: PC-based control links Smart Metering with Big Data
27.11.2014 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff presskit for SPS IPC Drives 2014
25.11.2014 Technology Automation: “Many-core machine control” – C6670 industrial server with 12, 24 and 36 cores introduced by Beckhoff
25.11.2014 Technology Drive Technology: AX8000, the new high-performance, multi-axis servo system
25.11.2014 Technology Drive Technology: XTS – New motor modules for even more production flexibility
25.11.2014 Technology Industrial PC: Customer-specific multi-touch panels
25.11.2014 Technology Industrial PC: CP6606 Built-in Panel PC – Compact 7-inch HMI and all-in-one controller
23.10.2014 Technology EtherCAT I/O system from Beckhoff expands: new I/O solution increases efficiency for standard applications with medium and high volume production
06.08.2014 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at SMM, Germany: PC-based Control – the universal control solution for shipbuilding
01.08.2014 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at WindEnergy Hamburg, Germany: PC-based Control – the complete system for all wind industry requirements
03.06.2014 Technology Software, Robotics: TwinCAT 3.1 now supports the mxAutomation interface to KUKA
12.05.2014 Technology EtherCAT I/O system, Measurement Technology: IP 67 power distributor with integrated current and voltage measurement
08.05.2014 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Automatica: PC-based Control – Efficient integration of robot kinematics in standard control systems
08.05.2014 Technology Beckhoff at Interpack: Resource-efficient packaging with PC-based Control and XTS
29.04.2014 Economy Beckhoff opens subsidiary company in the Czech Republic
10.04.2014 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Interpack: Beckhoff Solution Forum – Resource-saving packaging with PC-based control
07.04.2014 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Hannover Messe 2014
07.04.2014 Technology SOA-PLC: Intelligent devices for Smart Factories
07.04.2014 Technology EtherCAT I/O system: IP 67 modules – Compact I/O modules in die-cast zinc housings
07.04.2014 Technology EtherCAT I/O system: higher performance range with compact servomotor terminals
07.04.2014 Technology Drive Technology: AM8000 motor range extended – Dynamic servomotors for the smallest installation spaces
07.04.2014 Technology CX8000 Embedded PC series: New master interfaces for CANopen and PROFIBUS
07.04.2014 Economy Successful financial year 2013: Beckhoff Automation increases turnover by 7 % to 435 million euros
07.04.2014 Messe/Event Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Beckhoff at Hannover Messe
30.03.2014 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Light + Building: TwinCAT Building Automation – Efficient engineering for all building systems
30.03.2014 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Light + Building: BACnet controller certified for Revision 12
11.03.2014 Technology Embedded PC: CX8091 – Small local controller with OPC UA Client and Server
11.03.2014 Technology Building Automation: CX8091 Embedded PC – Decentralised, compact controller supports BACnet protocol
21.02.2014 Technology Building Automation: SMI master terminal flexibly integrates light and shading solutions into building automation
11.02.2014 Technology Beckhoff at Hannover Messe: Industry 4.0 forum – PC-based control as the technological foundation for Smart Factory applications
03.02.2014 Technology Industrial PC: Beckhoff CP22xx Built-in Panel PC – the most powerful device in the flexible multi-touch panel range
26.11.2013 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at SPS IPC Drives 2013
26.11.2013 Technology Industrial PC: CP32xx Panel PC for mounting arm installation supplements comprehensive multi-touch portfolio
26.11.2013 Technology Embedded PC: CX5100 – Multi-core processors for controllers in the medium performance range
26.11.2013 Technology I/O-System, Industrial-Ethernet: Acceleration and angle measurement in a machine-mounted solution – compact, robust and integrated directly in the field
26.11.2013 Technology I/O system, Industrial Ethernet: EK9300 – The flexible gateway between different worlds of control
26.11.2013 Technology Software, Engineering: TwinCAT Automation Interface – the open interface for automatic code generation
16.10.2013 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at K: XMold – The system solution for high precision in injection molding
10.10.2013 Technology CP26xx series Panel PCs: Multi-touch in a compact design with ARM Cortex A8 processor
16.09.2013 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at EMO: The compact high-performance CNC on the DIN rail
12.09.2013 Technology IP 67 I/O system: EP3744 differential pressure measuring box
14.08.2013 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at EMO: Open CNC architecture with TwinCAT 3
12.08.2013 Technology Building Automation: TwinCAT Bang & Olufsen Server software package from Beckhoff simplifies audio/video communication
24.07.2013 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at FachPack: PC-based Control – the scalable and innovative solution for the packaging industry
25.06.2013 Technology Embedded PC CX8093: Small local controller integrates virtual device
08.04.2013 Technology CP-Link 4: The One Cable Display Link
08.04.2013 Technology EtherCAT I/O system: display terminal with operating hours counter
08.04.2013 Technik Industrial Ethernet: 10 years of EtherCAT
08.04.2013 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff: 10 x the presence at Hannover Messe 2013
08.04.2013 Technology EtherCAT I/O system: multi-functional input/output box
08.04.2013 Economy Balance 2012: Beckhoff Automation achieves worldwide turnover of 408 million euros in 2012
20.03.2013 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Ligna: The all-in-one control solution from Beckhoff for woodworking
12.03.2013 Technology Cost-effective Embedded PC for building and room automation: Universal small controller in compact Bus Coupler format
04.03.2013 Technology I/O system: EtherCAT power box delivers higher, better monitored power in the field
21.02.2013 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Prolight + Sound: PC-based control enables media and automation technology to merge
12.02.2013 Technology Beckhoff Drive Technology: AM8800 stainless steel servomotors fulfil demanding requirements of EHEDG
22.01.2013 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at ISH: From HVAC to room automation – Beckhoff building automation as the basis for energy-efficient building operation
30.11.2012 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at SPS IPC Drives 2012
27.11.2012 Technology Safety, I/O system: The all-in-one safety solution – TwinSAFE Controller integrates safety functions in a compact housing
27.11.2012 Technology Drive Technology: AM8500 servomotor series – Increased rotor moment of inertia is ideal for applications with large loads and high synchronism requirements
27.11.2012 Technology Drive Technology: AM8800 stainless steel – Complete drive axes in food-grade Hygienic Design
27.11.2012 Technology I/O system, Drive Technology: Compact servo terminal supports One Cable Technology equipped AM8000 motors
27.11.2012 Technology Industrial PC: Flexible operating concept – electromechanical buttons supplement multi-touch functionality
30.10.2012 Technology Industrial PC: New display sizes increase multi-touch versatility
23.10.2012 Technology TwinCAT 3.1: New features for eXtended Automation
05.10.2012 Technology EtherCAT Box EP1518: Multi-function inputs reduce logistics expenditure
17.09.2012 Technology TwinCAT 3 is available for download online
17.09.2012 Technology I/O system: EL2595 EtherCAT Terminal – LED ballast with EtherCAT interface and integrated diagnostics
04.09.2012 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at SMM 2012: Universal automation toolkit for shipbuilding – open, flexible, modular
29.08.2012 Technology Scientific Automation: Ultra fast and precise – Beckhoff extends its range of measurement terminals
28.08.2012 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Motek 2012: XTS – higher flexibility and lower engineering effort for handling and assembly
23.08.2012 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at EuroBlech 2012: Everything on a single platform – reduced hardware costs and more efficient
16.08.2012 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at FachPack 2012: Optimised flow of material offers high savings potential on mechanical costs
09.08.2012 Economy Beckhoff opens new subsidiary in Hungary
30.07.2012 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Husum WindEnergy: Exceptionally efficient control of wind turbines with PC- and EtherCAT-based control technology
21.06.2012 Economy New Beckhoff subsidiary founded in New Zealand
11.05.2012 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Achema 2012: Open automation technology for the process industry and innovative drive solutions for packaging machines
30.04.2012 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Hannover Messe 2012
23.04.2012 Technology Drive Technology: Highly dynamic servomotors cover a large performance range
23.04.2012 Technology I/O system: EtherCAT Box – new stainless steel modules with IP 69K protection for direct use on machines
23.04.2012 Technology I/O system: Fast Hot Connect: faster tool change increases productivity
23.04.2012 Technology Automation, Industrial Ethernet: XFC – EtherCAT PLC with 12.5 µs cycle time
23.04.2012 Technology Drive Technology – rethought: XTS – eXtended Transport System
23.04.2012 Technology Infrastructure components: Media converter optimised for use in EtherCAT networks
20.04.2012 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff Presskit Light + Building 2012
17.04.2012 Economy Balance 2011: Turnover increases by 34 % to 465 million Euros
15.04.2012 Technology Building Automation: Smart Grid meets PC-based Control
15.04.2012 Technology Building Automation: Beckhoff BACnet controller – scalable performance and wide range of functions
15.04.2012 Technology Building Automation: Beckhoff extends room controller series with an even more powerful variant
15.04.2012 Technology Building Automation: TwinCAT HVAC library extended to include building automation library
02.04.2012 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at IFAT Entsorga 2012: PC-based Control – one control platform for all communication standards
30.03.2012 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Drupa 2012: PC-based Control for printing and paper machines
29.03.2012 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Automatica 2012: TwinCAT 3 – eXtended Automation for robotics applications
27.03.2012 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Light + Building 2012: maximum energy efficiency class for new buildings and refurbishments
27.03.2012 Technology Industrial PC: Built-in Panel PCs and Control Panels in stainless steel design
23.02.2012 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Anuga FoodTec 2012: Stainless steel panels and servomotors in “Hygienic Design”
15.02.2012 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Prolight + Sound 2012: PC- and EtherCAT-based control technology – the universal platform for all systems
01.02.2012 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Hannover Messe 2012: Efficiency increase in production processes and engineering
19.01.2012 Technology Building Automation: KL6781 M-Bus master interface complements energy consumption metering in a space-saving Bus Terminal format
19.01.2012 Technology Beckhoff Bus Terminals: Convenient manual and automatic process data control in buildings and plants
19.01.2012 Technology Embedded PC CX9020: Compact PC Control for a wider range of applications
22.11.2011 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff Presskit SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011
22.11.2011 Technology Drive Technology: New ‘hygienic design’ AM8800 stainless steel servomotor series
22.11.2011 Technology Industrial PC: Leap in performance with second-generation Intel® processors – Intel® Core™ i3, i5 and i7
22.11.2011 Technology TwinCAT 3 released!
22.11.2011 Technology Industrial PC: Multi-touch panel series offers maximum flexibility
22.11.2011 Technology EtherCAT Terminals: EK18xx EtherCAT Coupler series integrates digital I/Os
28.10.2011 Technology Drive Technology: The new AM8000 servomotor integrates the feedback system and power into one standard motor cable
24.10.2011 Technology More possibilities on the DIN rail: CX2000 with multi-core CPU and PCI Express
11.10.2011 Tradeshow/Event Motek 2011: TwinCAT software ensures exact synchronisation in delta robots from KOCH Pac-Systeme GmbH
06.10.2011 Technology Scientific Automation: Power monitoring terminal for the highly precise measurement of voltage and current
19.09.2011 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at EMO 2011: TwinCAT 3 – convenient embedding of CNC in the overall system
18.08.2011 Technology EtherCAT Box enables a free choice of encoders
15.08.2011 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Motek 2011: Compact drive solutions up to 5 A directly in the Bus Terminal
03.08.2011 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at EMO 2011: PC-based Control – The scalable, complete CNC package
27.07.2011 Technology PC Fieldbus Cards: PROFIBUS PCI Express cards with flexible NOVRAM memory module
21.07.2011 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at the EU PVSEC 2011: PC-based control steers all process steps in photovoltaic production
10.06.2011 Economy New subsidiary opens in Japan
24.05.2011 Technology PROFINET device for EtherCAT I/O system
21.04.2011 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Sensor+Test 2011: Scientific Automation – High-precision measuring terminals and Matlab®/Simulink® integration in TwinCAT 3
20.04.2011 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Ligna 2011: PC-based Control for woodworking machines – more flexible engineering with TwinCAT 3
04.04.2011 Technology Open control technology: PROFINET Bus Coupler for EtherCAT Terminals
04.04.2011 Economy Beckhoff opens subsidiary in Israel
04.04.2011 Technology EtherCAT Terminals: EL3413 power measurement terminal for grid monitoring and analysis
04.04.2011 Technology Drive Technology: New AM 3100 motor series enhances compact servo system
04.04.2011 Economy Balance 2010: Beckhoff Automation increases turnover by 46 % to 346 million Euros
17.03.2011 Economy Beckhoff opens subsidiary in Singapore
16.03.2011 Technology TwinCAT 3: Flexible choice of programming languages – safety editors for function block diagram language and high-level C programming language
15.03.2011 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Interpack 2011: PC-based Control – Robotics supplement PLC and Motion Control on one platform
15.03.2011 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Interpack 2011: MULTIVAC handling module based on PC- and EtherCAT-based control technology from Beckhoff
22.02.2011 Technology EtherCAT Box: Combination I/O box enhances plant design flexibility
21.02.2011 Tradeshow/Event Beckhoff at Prolight + Sound 2011: stage and show technology | PC- and EtherCAT-based control technology – the universal platform for all systems
21.02.2011 Technology Beckhoff at the Wind 2011: PC Control – high performance platform for complex tasks in the construction of wind turbines