Better safe than sorry – explosion protection with Beckhoff

System-integrated explosion protection with Beckhoff

As a universal automation partner in all industries, Beckhoff also understands the special needs of process technology with regard to explosion protection. Our portfolio therefore includes products with comprehensive certificates for a variety of applications. The list is growing all the time, and Beckhoff places great emphasis on transparency and reliability to justify the greatest possible confidence in the suitability of our explosion-proof products. To ensure this, all these products are authorized for use in Zone 2/22 areas on the basis of external tests performed by notified certification bodies.

The product portfolio for explosion protection includes nearly the entire range of EtherCAT Terminals and Bus Terminals for the intended use in Zone 2 and 22. Certificates are issued according to the requirements of IECEx, ATEX and NEC/CEC certification guidelines. The CX8000 and CX5100 series Embedded PCs can be used for control of even the most demanding applications and processes in hazardous areas. The ELX terminals with intrinsically safe interfaces can be used for direct integration of field devices located in hazardous areas up to Zone 0 and 20 into the open control platform from Beckhoff, eliminating the need for additional safety barriers.

The Control Panels and Panel PCs in the CPX series enable process visualization in hazardous areas. The explosion-proof panels combine the attractive appearance of all Beckhoff panels with a highly robust design to ensure compliance with the technical requirements for use in hazardous areas classified Zone 2 and 22.

Furthermore, the Beckhoff components support various communication protocols such as EtherCAT, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, Modbus, EtherNet/IP, and others. Via these standardized interfaces, the Beckhoff hardware can be integrated with common process control systems in the industry. This makes the benefits of PC-based control technology also available when existing systems are upgraded or expanded by retrofit.


Explosion-proof panel solution

Explosion-proof panel solution: With the CPX Panel series models, the proven multi-touch technology of Beckhoff Control Panels and Panel PCs is available in even more robust versions, complying with the requirements for use in hazardous areas classified Zone 2/22.

Embedded PC CX series

Embedded PC CX series: The compact DIN-rail PCs from the CX series provide comprehensive system and process control capabilities in a space-saving design.

EtherCAT Terminals in the ELX series

EtherCAT Terminals in the ELX series: The ELX series EtherCAT Terminals with intrinsically safe inputs/outputs enable direct connection of field devices located in hazardous areas up to Zone 0/20.

EtherCAT Terminals

EtherCAT Terminals: The EtherCAT Terminal portfolio offers a wide variety of signals within a modular and small form-factor I/O system.

EtherCAT Box modules

EtherCAT Box modules: If your application requires components for operation in harsh environments, the EtherCAT Box family offers the right solution.

Bus Terminals

Bus Terminals: The Bus Terminal is an open and fieldbus-neutral I/O system consisting of electronic terminal blocks.