Stepper motor terminal 48 V DC, 5 A, <br />with incremental encoder, vector control EL7047
Error A, B
Enable, Warning
Turn CW, CCW
Driver, Power
E1, E2 
C, Latch 
A, B 
Run LED, Encoder 
Power contact
+24 V
Power contact 0 V
A, B
C, Latch
Encoder input
E1, E2
A1, A2
B1, B2
Motor supply
48 V, 0 V
Motor supply
48 V, 0 V
Top view 
Contact assembly 
extended shock and vibration range 25g

EL7047 | Stepper motor terminal 48 V DC, 5 A,
with incremental encoder, vector control

The EL7047 EtherCAT Terminal is intended for stepper motors with medium performance range. The PWM output stages cover a wide range of voltages and currents. Together with two inputs for limit switches, they are located in the EtherCAT Terminal. The EL7047 can be adjusted to the motor and the application by changing just a few parameters. With its torsion-proof, integrated encoder (1,024 inc/rev), the AS2000 stepper motor is ideal for the closed-loop control of the EL7047.

The output power of the terminal can be further increased when used with the ZB8610 fan cartridge (continuous operation and under full load).

Technical data EL7047
Technology compact drive technology
Load type 2-phase stepper motor (uni-/bipolar)
Number of outputs 1 x stepper motor, 1 x motor brake
Number of inputs 2 x end position, 1 x encoder
Connection method direct motor connection + feedback
Supply voltage electronics 24 V DC (via power contacts)
Supply voltage power 8…48 V DC (external)
Output current max. 5.0 A
Performance increase yes, through ZB8610 fan cartridge
Output current with ZB8610 max. 6.5 A
Step frequency configurable up to 16,000 full steps/s
Step pattern 64-fold micro stepping
Current controller frequency approx. 30 kHz
Resolution approx. 5000 positions in typ. applications (per revolution)
Encoder input signal 5…24 V DC, typ. 5 mA, single-ended
Encoder connection A, B, C, gate/latch
Input frequency max. 400,000 increments/s (with 4-fold evaluation)
Current consumption power contacts typ. 50 mA
Current consumption E-bus typ. 140 mA
Distributed clocks yes
Special features travel distance control, encoder input, vector control
Electrical isolation 500 V (E-bus/field potential)
Weight approx. 90 g
Operating/storage temperature 0…+55 °C/-25…+85 °C
Relative humidity 95 %, no condensation
Vibration/shock resistance conforms to EN 60068-2-6/EN 60068-2-27
EMC immunity/emission conforms to EN 61000-6-2/EN 61000-6-4
Protect. class/installation pos. IP 20/see documentation
Pluggable wiring for all ESxxxx terminals
Approvals/markings CE, UL
Cables, gears and couplings accessories for AS2000 stepper motors
ZK4000-6200-2xxx motor cable for AS1000, assembled at both ends, 4 x 0.5 mm², 4 million bending cycles, bending radius = 55 mm (10 x OD)
ZK4000-6700-2xxx motor cable for AS1000, assembled at both ends, (4 x 0.5 mm²), shielded, 4 million bending cycles, bending radius = 55 mm (10 x OD)
ZK4000-5100-2xxx AS2000 encoder cable, drag chain suitable, (5 x 0.25 mm²), shielded, for EL703x/EL704x/KL253x/KL254x
Cables and gears prefabricated connecting cables in IP 20 and IP 67 protection for AS10xx stepper motors
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